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Special Event - Hundred-Buddhas Offerings

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08 May- 24 May 2024

Baifo is a profound way to express reverence for the Buddhas through body, speech, and mind. This practice not only fosters the accumulation of boundless merit and wisdom but also serves as a means to beseech for a life steeped in serenity and happiness. By engaging in Baifo, you can aspire to attain a state of well-being while nurturing a life replete with purpose and fostering harmony within your family. The blessings encompass financial abundance, a thriving career, enduring respect and support from your peers, all showering you with an abundance of auspicious energy. To make the offerings, you need to have 100 10-cent coins and simply place one 10-cent coin into each of the golden alms bowls arranged in front of the Hundred Buddhas. May you and your loved ones cultivate a deep connection with the Buddhas while accumulating boundless merit.

Our Story

Namo Buddhaya.


Welcome to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum (BTRTM)!


BTRTM was officially opened on Vesak Day, 31 May 2007,by Singapore's late President S. R. Nathan. It is located at 288 South Bridge Road, Chinatown, Kreta Ayer District.


BTRTM was built to house the sacred Buddha Tooth Relic for veneration by our devotees.


The Tang Dynasty is considered a golden age for Chinese arts, culture and architecture. Aided by a team of local and overseas consultants, BTRTM's design boldly combined the architectural styles of Buddhist Mandala as well as Tang Dynasty.


BTRTM was built with the contributions of generous devotees and donors who include Singaporeans and overseas Buddhists. I am grateful for their generosity and support.


I hope you will find useful information on this website and look forward to your visit soon.


I wish you good health and happiness.


With Triple Gem Blessings



Venerable Chao Khun Fa Zhao BBM