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Hundred Buddhas Offerings

Baifo is a profound way to express reverence for the Buddhas through body, speech, and mind. This practice not only fosters the accumulation of boundless merit and wisdom but also serves as a means to beseech for a life steeped in serenity and happiness. By engaging in Baifo, you can aspire to attain a state of well-being while nurturing a life replete with purpose and fostering harmony within your family. The blessings encompass financial abundance, a thriving career, enduring respect and support from your peers, all showering you with an abundance of auspicious energy. To make the offerings, you need to have 100 10-cent coins and simply place one 10-cent coin into each of the golden alms bowls arranged in front of the Hundred Buddhas. May you and your loved ones cultivate a deep connection with the Buddhas while accumulating boundless merit.